Service and Spare Parts.


The Vezzadini packaging machines are designed to guarantee maximum ease of use and to allow our customers to carry out routine maintenance in complete autonomy, always relying on our technical support.

We provide service via telephone, via modem or at the customer’s factory with our qualified technicians. We are always able to provide original spare parts and technical assistance for all Vezzadini packaging machines regardless of the year of construction.
We offer inspection service, scheduled or extraordinary maintenance services.

Overhauling service and second hand machines

The close relationships maintained over the years with our customers, combined with the strength and durability of our packaging machines, have prompted us to develop more and more the service of overhauling and technological updating of the machines.

The overhauling process brings the packaging machine back to its original condition and it concerns every aspect of the machine with particular attention to the norms regarding the operator safety and hygiene. We can overhaul packaging machines owned by customers or we can supply carefully overhauled packaging machines, guaranteed for 12 months, accompanied by user manuals, maintenance and declarations of conformity with current norms. Most of the new technologies developed over the years can be installed on the machines during the overhauling service. The packaging machines can be equipped with new formats, with new dosers, with product feeding systems designed for C.I.P. cleaning and weight regulation systems in combination with a checkweigher. Other technological updates are used to adapt the machines to modern production needs, making them more versatile and easier to operate.

Overhauling process

  • completely dismantled
  • the machine body is sandblasted, filed and painted
  • replacement of bearings, bushes and other parts
  • thorough check of all mechanical parts and replacement of any worn or unfit parts.
  • technology upgrade (depending on the type of packing machine)
  • complete re-wiring to meet current standards
  • new safety guards to meet current standards
  • upgrade of electronics

Parts coding

The part number is printed on most of the components of the machines. This allows maintenance technicians to communicate their needs clearly and simply to Vezzadini’s service staff.

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