Machine for dosing, wrapping, filling, sealing & packing butter, margarine and fresh soft cheese.

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Since 1955 Vezzadini has been developing and manufacturing packaging machines for margarine, butter and fresh cheese.

Butter packaging

The butter can be wrapped or packed in plastic cups, tin cans and bag in box.

Margarine packaging

We offer packaging machines to be integrated in modern margarine production plants. Margarine can be wrapped or packed in plastic cups.

Fresh cheese packaging

Vezzadini has great experience in the packaging of cold filled fresh cheese such as the classic Italian “caprino” or the East European “Bryndza” cheese.

Secondary packaging

We have a great experience in the manipulation of delicate wrapped products with irregular shapes and soft content.

Parts coding

The part number is printed on most of the components of the machines. This allows maintenance technicians to communicate their needs clearly and simply to Vezzadini’s service staff.

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